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Synonyms for creakingly

in a creaky manner

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Yet new "life-hack" (also always in quotation marks) tips, such as never letting a piece of paper cross your desk twice or donating to charity clothes you haven't worn in more than one year, uncannily resemble creakingly ancient methods of efficiency.
I wouldn't say my pug puppy Boris has been a man magnet exactly, but since he arrived three months ago, my totty-ometer has creakingly begun to clock up the hits again.
T]he Committee finds itself literally amazed by the extent to which the Constitution of New York contains hollow phrases, defective provisions, and creakingly antiquated policies.
After a creakingly slow start in paperback, its launch as an online ebook at the end of the summer has provided an astonishing transformation in its fortunes.
While the formula may seem creakingly archaic now, it was exactly what audiences wanted in 1941, and Buck Privates became a huge hit for Universal Studios.
A creakingly slow, wrought-iron cage lift operated by an elderly attendant who asks Hugo for a song takes patrons upstairs in the main stand.
These are creakingly old-fashioned in these early days of a new century.
The CCP's tracings of the lines drawn by the score was as creakingly tentative as foreign language poetry, badly translated, or last-minute bomb disposal in a crowded room.
Present day structures and procedures are creakingly inadequate.
sound not only like creakingly antique translations of Ibsen, but the lines of a novelist rather than a dramatist.