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in a creaky manner

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The lift faltered, and dropped a little, before straining creakily up to the 13th floor.
Then the lift falters, and drops momentarily, before straining creakily to the 13th floor.
Leanne Wood's creakily contrived crack about his silence on Iraq was met by the Wildean quip that Plaid was the party of 'ingrowing brain cells'.
Samjini Naidu), are creakily amateurish with others.
Instead, the New Orleans-style jazz popularized by Louis Armstrong 70 years ago is presented in its most elemental form, often by aging musicians who rise creakily from their chairs to dazzle visitors with their ad-libbing virtuosity.
If we watch the screened wall long enough, and listen, it creakily opens a sliver, disclosing images of landscape, or twilight, behind it.
And even though the free trade envisaged for the SADC has yet to find its full potential, the tariff-free gates are begin to swing open, if only creakily at this stage.
The only movement Vick provided was wooden: a circular platform rotated creakily throughout the opera.
The man slowly hauled himself back to his feet, using the mailbox, and extended a hand to Nathan, who hauled himself up creakily in imitation, grinning.
After he had hobbled in and lowered himself creakily into my favourite chair, he enthusiastically showed me an article in his weekly paper about an eight-year-old Simmental cow that had given birth to triplets at a local farm.
When Ian Woosnam was asked if he would carry on if he was playing as creakily as the once-great Spaniard, he replied: 'No, I wouldn't.
So it was that while the police were creakily prying up the floorboards looking for criminality, the phone rang and before the officers could prevent it, Vera Kommissarzhevskaia picked it up.
Archbishop Vincent Nichols was there in his old haunt, probably recalling his own enthronement in Birmingham and a tall and whippet-lean figure in crimson stood out as Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor - he still walks almost coltishly, albeit a little creakily these days.
The communal was underlined by the festival's most satisfying work, despite its creakily clever name, n-cha(n)t, 2001, by David Rokeby.
At the investiture, which was really a political venture to keep the Welsh activists at bay, he looked uncomfortable and he speaks Welsh very creakily,'' says Jeremy.