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Synonyms for creaky

Synonyms for creaky

worn and broken down by hard use

having a rasping or grating sound


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of or pertaining to arthritis

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His niggles are nothing new, however, and it has been at his creakiest in fact that he has been most productive.
He was the unlikeliest superstar ever, a performer so wooden he made even the creakiest of the old Crossroads cast look like Olivier.
Michael's charismatic tenor and savvy way with a crowd-pleasing medley ("The Summer Knows/Autumn Leaves") make even the creakiest cabaret standards swing anew.
Soon enough, Mitch goes crazy on Slim's face, and Slim decides to take her toddler daughter (the unfortunate Tessa Allen) and run - not while Mitch is at work, but in the middle of the night, when he's home and the stairs are at their creakiest.
Pallister, who had one of his creakiest games since returning to Teesside, will not remember the occasion with nearly as much affection.
But, give it points for actually having found a fairly fresh way to approach the creakiest of genres, the Christmas special.