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Synonyms for creaky

Synonyms for creaky

worn and broken down by hard use

having a rasping or grating sound


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of or pertaining to arthritis

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Levine, a fine magazine writer whose name will be familiar to readers of Outside and New York Times Magazine, has a gift for writing in the moment, for recreating scenes, but he proves creakier with the context, and the result is a rangy work.
Finally it's 'whether or not you think you can, you've jolly well got to, because we're to make the old way slower and creakier till it drives you round the twist.
Now, perhaps because I am out of practice or perhaps because I am getting older and creakier, it seems harder to throw caution to the winds and invent.
In Florida, it's Dontrelle Willis, 23, and Josh Beckett, 25, accounting for 16 wins already as the Marlins got the jump on the creakier Atlanta Braves in the National League East.
We're all getting older and creakier, but I'll play as long as my knees stand up to it.
A little older and a little creakier maybe, but if this picture is anything to go by, he's as mean as ever.
Throughout the remainder of the chapter, Divine describes America drawing a line in the sand, even as he acknowledges that the model gets creakier and creakier.
If there is a creakier cliche than a Top 10 list, it is the one that goes, "Journalists can make a difference.
A couple of boats have been converted by their Egyptian owners into gold-leafed floating Shangri-las, guarded by men in uniform and sporting air conditioning and satellite dishes, but most are disreputably scruffy, a mass of creaking boards, creakier furniture and highly original plumbing arrangements.
THE only thing that's certain about life is that at some point we all get slower, we all get creakier and we all get old.
If Kneehigh were deliberately matched with one of Shakespeare's creakier plays in order to deal radically with it, they have certainly risen to the challenge, beginning by jettisoning Shakespeare's text.
Robert Horry looked creakier than usual, sat out the entire second quarter and played only the first nine and a half minutes of the third.