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Synonyms for creak

Synonyms for creak

a squeaking sound


Related Words

make a high-pitched, screeching noise

References in classic literature ?
As I asked myself these questions his match flared in the hall; in another moment the stairs were creaking under his feet, even as they had creaked under those of the murderer; and the humane instinct that inspired him in defiance of his risk was borne in also upon my slower sensibilities.
Vlaar was unable to replicate his World Cup form in Villa's 2014-15 relegation battle as the club's backline creaked under Paul Lambert and Tim Sherwood.
mirrored doors on the bathroom cabinets all creaked together - knew She said: "It really was quite vivid and at first I thought that one of the children had fallen out of the bed.
before when the three-ton block of ceiling creaked ever so slightly then
It was his last-ditch tackle on South African centre Jean de Villiers which saved England when they looked like buckling and twice more turned up with great interventions as his side creaked.
WE hear the merry-go-round of political journalism has creaked into action again.