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Synonyms for crazy

Synonyms for crazy

Synonyms for crazy

someone deranged and possibly dangerous

affected with madness or insanity

possessed by inordinate excitement

bizarre or fantastic

Related Words

intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with

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The "Ten Times Crazier Tour" is traveling from coast to coast, and the country star will make stops in a variety of U.
A lot of the things that Martin and I did were meant to encourage each other to try something crazier.
A boy's crazy mom pawns him off on her crazier shrink--a memoir soon to be a film.
SCREEN characters don't come much crazier than Dr Hannah Awkward, Professor of Pedantics in HTV's comedy Believe Nothing.
Most of us think that prosecuting a 'metric martyr' is mad but trying to defend our system is even crazier.
It's all in tunnels, so it's even crazier than what air traffic controllers do," says Luchian.
This is accomplished through a common vocabulary among the faculty as to how the body is placed and how ballet skills are built "Nothing drives a choreographer crazier than having dancers come in with a style that is impenetrable and inflexible," explains Harkarvy.
Especially when I thought of even crazier things I've done, like skydiving.
In a world which seems to be getting crazier and crazier, let us remember the need for laughter.
The defense attorneys to portray Teddy as crazier than a shithouse rat on mescaline.
In the past few years, people have been inadvertently doing even crazier things with other brands of cyanoacrylate ("instant") glue, particularly the ones in the little plastic bottles that usually come with artificial nail kits.
Often the crazier ideas turn out to be not only the most workable, but also the most attractive for both public participation and press coverage.
Dippy is the familiar comical movie psychiatrist--the one who is crazier or more foolish than his patients,' says Schneider.
We didn't expect the craziness that was there and when we did the 'Ed Sullivan Show' it got even crazier.
Andy Halliday I'VE never seen a crazier last 5 minutes to a game than that.