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Synonyms for crayon

writing implement consisting of a colored stick of composition wax used for writing and drawing


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write, draw, or trace with a crayon

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I carefully and deliberately made these observations before allowing myself to take one glance at the benches before me; having handled the crayon, looked back at the tableau, fingered the sponge in order to ascertain that it was in a right state of moisture, I found myself cool enough to admit of looking calmly up and gazing deliberately round me.
One winter day when a slight fall of snow was feathering the sills and frames of the schoolroom windows, he stood at his black board, crayon in hand, about to commence with a class; when, reading in the countenances of those boys that there was something wrong, and that they seemed in alarm for him, he turned his eyes to the door towards which they faced.
Let us hope it will give way before my mother's custards and this charming Geoffrey Crayon."
Phillips took a chalk crayon and wrote on the blackboard above her head.
But Father Brown still gazed steadily at the red crayon sketch; and Mrs.
'We are used to making small, lab-scale batches where we can produce 15 crayons per day,' Brott said.
A toxic and environmental watchdog has warned the public against the use of lead-laced crayons that have hazardous effects on people's health.
The EcoWaste Coalition on Wednesday warned the public against crayons that are contaminated with high levels of lead.
The waxy feature of the crayons would "resist" the watercolor, allowing for overlaying of different colors in order to create new combinations.
We have set up a tote for donated old and used crayons. The "Crayon Initiative" keeps tons of used crayons from clogging our landfills each year and turns donated crayons into new and distributes them to children's hospitals across the US.
LuAnn Foty started Crazy Crayons in Oregon in 1995 and later moved the crayon-recycling operation to Lake City, Colorado.
It features a variety of sturdy and stackable building blocks, stickers and crayons, along with instructions on how to build the Trolley in five simple steps.
THE Friends of Rydal Penrhos Committee have organised a Crayon Clear-Out, where people will donate their unused, unwanted or broken crayons to be recycled.
The first box of Crayola crayons had eight colors: black, brown, blue, red, purple, orange, yellow, and green in 1903.