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a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body

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In his insistent crawling toward the light, he discovered in her a nose that with a sharp nudge administered rebuke, and later, a paw, that crushed him down and rolled him over and over with swift, calculating stroke.
The red eastern sky, the northward blackness, the salt Dead Sea, the stony beach crawling with these foul, slow-stirring monsters, the uniform poisonous-looking green of the lichenous plants, the thin air that hurts one's lungs: all contributed to an appalling effect.
Then I stopped once more, for the crawling multitude of crabs had disappeared, and the red beach, save for its livid green liverworts and lichens, seemed lifeless.
She was delighted, too, at the baby's crawling. Not one of her own children had crawled like that.
Accordingly, leaving the bed of the stream at the very point where it thundered down, we began crawling along one of those sloping ledges until it carried us to within a few feet of another that inclined downwards at a still sharper angle, and upon which, by assisting each other we managed to alight in safety.
That day he decreased the distance between him and the ship by three miles; the next day by two - for he was crawling now as Bill had crawled; and the end of the fifth day found the ship still seven miles away and him unable to make even a mile a day.
One of the two heads crawling about on the ground now approached.
I hammered at the door, but I could not make the people hear (if there were any people inside), and after a time I desisted, and, availing myself of a ditch for the greater part of the way, succeeded in crawling, unobserved by these monstrous machines, into the pine woods towards Maybury.
Crawling record bid fails Callander teenagers Colin Greer, 15, Broomfield, Bracklin Road, and 16-year-old Harold Forbes, North Church Street, are pictured in August, 1974, during a bid to break the world record for crawling on hands and knees.THEMCLARENHIGHPUPILSHOPED togettheirnamesinthe Guinness Book of Records by exceeding the world mark - six miles and 831.5 yards - during a crawl from Doune to Callander.
Have you ever imagined spending your youth crawling on hands and knees and being considered an outcast in society?
But she had a row of homesick girls down on their knees and crawling. Animals, she had called them, animals.
In the western coast, the army and committees repelled the mercenaries 'crawling in Killo-16 area and inflicted them losses in lives and equipments, said the official.
The Crawl Ahead is a crawling assistance for infants and toddlers.
[ClickPress, Wed Oct 10 2018] Web crawling services refer to the software based extraction of useful data from the entire web.
CCTV was checked and witnesses spoken to and it was established the male had not been hit by a car, but was drunk and had been crawling across the road having fallen over.