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a slow mode of locomotion on hands and knees or dragging the body

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In his insistent crawling toward the light, he discovered in her a nose that with a sharp nudge administered rebuke, and later, a paw, that crushed him down and rolled him over and over with swift, calculating stroke.
The red eastern sky, the northward blackness, the salt Dead Sea, the stony beach crawling with these foul, slow-stirring monsters, the uniform poisonous-looking green of the lichenous plants, the thin air that hurts one's lungs: all contributed to an appalling effect.
Then I stopped once more, for the crawling multitude of crabs had disappeared, and the red beach, save for its livid green liverworts and lichens, seemed lifeless.
Accordingly, leaving the bed of the stream at the very point where it thundered down, we began crawling along one of those sloping ledges until it carried us to within a few feet of another that inclined downwards at a still sharper angle, and upon which, by assisting each other we managed to alight in safety.
That day he decreased the distance between him and the ship by three miles; the next day by two - for he was crawling now as Bill had crawled; and the end of the fifth day found the ship still seven miles away and him unable to make even a mile a day.
One of the two heads crawling about on the ground now approached.
The occasional series' shift to female cohosts is a good move, but next time around, perhaps it should tap a pair of comediennes to do the hosting and crawling honors?
I COULD now see the man that was crawling quite plainly but the other had disappeared.
In this study, we tested the relationships between various measurements of body size and crawling speed in the terrestrial snail Cornu aspersum.
com)-- PromptCloud, a leading Web Crawling and Data Extraction service provider, announced the launch of its DIY Dashboard.
FOUR prisoners made a daring escape by crawling through an air duct in the jail's showers.
The provider must collect a crawling process whose URL contains the TLD-EN starting from an initial list of URLs (seeds) as many websites as technically possible and as described below.
Summary: A six-month-old Arab girl died on Tuesday after a TV fell on her while crawling inside her house in Sharjah.
The dolphin follows the human trying to imitate his or her movements, by simply crawling.