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tiny lobster-like crustaceans usually boiled briefly

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Lots of people think that's a bad thing, but it forces bass to target crawdads, bluegills, trout, and salmon.
Crawdad is an analytical software package developed specifically to perform CRA.
I always soak my baitfish softbaits in concoctions of different fish oils, and my crawdad plastics in crayfish oils," he says.
Florida bass pros who earn their pay by flipping heavy grass prefer small, crawdad imitations, like the Gambler BB Cricket, Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver, or Yamamoto Fat Baby Craw.
The Lakeside Crawdad Festival in Lakeside will be holding a Cajun recipe contest in the categories of touffe, gumbo and sweet potato pie.
He is cofounder and CEO of Crawdad Technologies, LLC, which provides text analysis services.
Poinsettia Season begins throughout the land as Crawdad Season starts in Louisiana, crawdads moving into flooded rice fields to feed on the remnants of that crop.
The water is brownish, and visibility is better in some areas than others, so I mostly used a watermelon 4-inch Senko with gold flake, a 4-inch paddle tail finesse worm called a "flirt' made by Reaction Innovations in a blue-green crawdad color, and a greenish crankbait with a black top that goes down about eight feet.
Isleton Crawdad Festival, on the town's main streets.
A big crawdad is likely more appealing and a skirted football head creates a realistic imitation.
LAKESIDE - The Lakeside Crawdad Festival, a new three-day free event on the coast, presents a weekend of music, a Cajun Cook-off, a street fair and a crawdad boil at Lakeside County Park, South Eighth Street and Park Avenue.
According to Mayor Michael Gomez, the City of Isleton will hold a press conference to discuss recent efforts made by the Isleton Chamber of Commerce to thwart the City's efforts in producing and marketing the 2005 Crawdad Festival.
Murray likes the way Gene Larew's Hoo Daddy Junior imitates a sculpin, crawdad, or goby.
I descended to it and it backed away--a totally white crawdad.
Crawdad Festival scheduled this weekend in Lakeside