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Synonyms for craving

Synonyms for craving

a strong wanting of what promises enjoyment or pleasure

Words related to craving

an intense desire for some particular thing

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She insisted that there is no definitive evidence of relating hormonal imbalance to menstrual chocolate craving.
Many times the craving we feel isn't really for food, but something else entirely.
Currently, different concepts of craving can be verified.
The best way to deal with this craving is to reach for a square of dark chocolate - that's 70 per cent cocoa.
When a craving strikes rate its strength from 1-100 in your diary.
Craving is considered a criterion for the diagnostic of tobacco use disorder in DSM-5 (APA, 2013).
And if a pregnant woman is craving non-food items, she should always talk to her midwife to make sure consuming them isn't harmful to her or the baby.
Nicotine withdrawal naturally results in decreased activity of these regions, which has been closely associated with craving, relapse, and continued nicotine consumption.
You may well be sat reading this and craving something to eat.
Human brain imaging studies using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and positron emission tomography scanning have provided insight into brain regions associated with cue-induced cigarette craving.
Craving is generally considered one of the reasons that substance-dependent individuals like smokers have difficulty abstaining from drugs (Killen & Fortmann, 1997).
com)-- Yottapp announced today the launch of its innovative Android app, Craving Buster, to help smokers kill their cravings instantly.
The goal of this study is to predict the variation in substance craving in a person on a within-day basis.