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meanspirited cowardice

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Rudy Giuliani is blaming Mitt because he's running for president, too, a state of perpetual cravenness that causes presumably sane individuals to go completely bonkers.
The council's reversal of the settlement shows not integrity, but a deep cravenness.
This was the Christ of the Poor, He who had taken His place among the most wretched of those whom He had come to redeem, among the outcasts and the scroungers, among all those upon whose hideousness or destitution man's cravenness fixes.
Zed appears at times to be just as condemnatory of the poor themselves as it is of the conditions for their poverty, and nothing more than a juvenile proclamation of human cravenness.
He is melancholic, lonely, and nearing a crisis of conscience about how his job implicates him in the State's cravenness.
81) "White Citizen's Councils," emboldened by the Court's cravenness, formed to use all methods short of violence to resist integration.
In this essay, Wiesel at first expresses outrage at the cravenness of Job's final speech.
As these words are being written, the US invaders are on the outskirts of Baghdad exposing the cravenness of the Government's collusion with the atrocities being inflicted on the Iraqi people.
For two months and more, this absurd controversy has rumbled on, producing endless supplies of cravenness, buck-passing, hypocrisy and deceit.
Such cravenness would be taken advantage of by the other side.
Without heroes, such records as might exist among men would be squalid tales of cravenness and brutality.
means: the misuse of public resources, the helplessness of prosecutors, the predatoriness of defense lawyers in particular and of trial lawyers generally, the cravenness of judges and the bias of black jurors.
The critics of Orientalism have charged that the West has traditionally portrayed Easterners in terms of cravenness, contrasting their supposedly boastful-but-cowardly natures, for example, to the stoic courage of Israeli troops.
Nevertheless, despite examples of presidential excess and legislative cravenness, the divided power between executive and legislature during the initial six years of the Russian Constitution represents a major step forward in light of Russia's history of authoritarian rule and disregard for the rule of law.