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  • verb

Synonyms for crave

long for


Synonyms for crave

to have a greedy, obsessive desire

to make an earnest or urgent request

Synonyms for crave

have a craving, appetite, or great desire for

plead or ask for earnestly

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We wish Crave the very best and look forward to being part of their journey to success," he added.
GrabFood's Crave City is our way of creating a unique food experience that our consumers will enjoy," said Cindy Toh, Grab Philippines Country marketing head.
By joining the recently concluded Franchise Asia 2018, Crave Alley was able to generate interest among prospective entrepreneurs.
Crave Interactive chief commercial officer Tim Butterworth added that the company is seeing an increasing trend toward replacing paper with digital products.
As with Toasty Cheese and Toasty Taco, a big part of Barnhart's plans for both The Crave Bar and Best Truckin' BBQ include catering both corporate and private events.
The Crave Studio scours the world and polls fans to discover actors who resemble the actual book characters so much that they might have well been the inspiration for them.
Researchers believe that the game works because concentrating on different shapes of Tetris distracts the brain from portraying food or similar things that a person craves for.
Crave opened as an espresso bar and lunch-only restaurant, but it is best known for its over-the-top cupcake flavors.
If it's a curry you crave we have traditional "hndis" that include delicious mutton chops and unusual delicacies such as haleem, paya, nihari, chicken tikka masala and brain prepared in a blend of rich, aromatic spices.
I can't stop eating it and when I try not to, I crave it so much.
After you quit, decide on someone who you can call when you crave for tobacco.
You may believe you crave a food because of its taste, but the body and emotions have an entirely different agenda."
SOUTHPORT accessories emporium Covet & Crave opened its new store this week with a canaps and Champagne launch.
Who is Gabriel, and why does Shay begin to crave the new transfusions as if they were a potent drug?