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Synonyms for crater


Synonyms for crater

a bowl-shaped geological formation at the top of a volcano

a bowl-shaped depression formed by the impact of a meteorite or bomb

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Based on the evidence they have gathered, the researchers noted that Lomonosov is a strong candidate as the impact crater where a tsunami originated from.
We call upon the county government to fence the area and erect guard rails to prevent further loss of lives," a resident, Mr John Maina, told the Nation.The crater, located seven kilometres north of Nakuru Town, draws visitors for all manner of reasons, ranging from site-seeing to educational tours, pilgrimage and even suicide.
Furthermore, according to scientists, the Moon is immune to processes like plate tectonics that gradually destroy the Earth's craters.
Ralph Lorenz's article about viewing impact craters from commercial airplane flights (S&T: June 2018, p.
Data from the field program are supporting basic meteorological analyses and model simulations to gain an improved understanding of forced flows over mountains in the simple topography of the Meteor Crater. This article provides an overview of the METCRAX II field program and presents some initial analyses.
In its bulletin released Thursday, Phivolcs recorded the sulfur dioxide (SO2) emitted at the crater at 476 tons per day on November 5, which meant it was near the 500 tons per day baseline level during normal period.
I turn left toward Nimran and from there I can almost glimpse the volcanic crater which is called Al-Wahba Crater.
The spacecraft mapped Shackleton crater with unprecedented detail, using a laser to illuminate the crater's interior and measure its albedo or natural reflectance.
Substrate contaminants cause craters because the paint does not wet the contaminated area or immediately dewets from it.
The crater was formed when a rising plume of magma encountered a pocket of underground water, resulting in a so called phreatomagmatic explosion.
Create a bar graph to show the diameter of each crater in kilometers.
More importantly from the point of view of space exploration, large amounts of water have been discovered at the bottom of a crater pointing the way to future manned missions.
Current exploitation plans call for the use of directional drilling to tap into the near-surface reservoirs beneath the craters. The ministry's technicians are also investigating the water-gas contact within the sub-strata of each crater, and are looking into the possibility of re-entering suspended wells near Darvaza.
Kamil crater, at only about 150 feet wide and 50 feet deep, may not break any size records but what the Egyptian crater lacks in range it makes up for with cleanliness.
At Utah's Homestead Crater, you soak, swim, snorkel, and scuba dive in 95[degrees] water.