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Synonyms for crass

Synonyms for crass

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(of persons) so unrefined as to be lacking in discrimination and sensibility

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It is a crassly, ignorant comment to make from someone who has made one or two crass, ignorant comments in the past.
Sentencing Evans, the judge said: "This was a crassly stupid thing to do.
To glibly cast aside the efforts of these workers merely to make a wholly inaccurate political point demonstrates a complete arrogance which could have been avoided if they had consulted with industry experts before arriving at such crassly ignorant and offensive opinions.
Eleazar, that 'palit-puri'-the crassly described exchange of sexual favors from a suspect or a relative for the dropping of drug charges-was par for the course among the police.'
By linking his crowdfunder to independence for Scotland, Salmond has behaved crassly and irresponsibly.
And it is crassly cynical to use the well-being of children as a political bargaining chip.
In 2011, a controversial behind-the-scenes video was released via social media showing the presenter using vulgar language and speaking crassly with his companions during different instances of his religiously oriented show.
Peter Rabbit probably won't knock off the socks of purist fans of writer/illustrator Beatrix Potter, whose beloved colored pen and ink drawings in her 1902 book The Tale of Peter Rabbit have morphed into crassly commercial computer-animated characters less inspired by classic fairy tales than Road Runner cartoons.
"The National Enquirer and Radar Online have cheaply and crassly commercialized and sensationalized an issue that ought to be treated with respect and sensitivity."
Was ever there a more crassly inept politician than Jeremy Corbyn, whose every impulse is to make the wrong call on everything?" Left-wing commentator Polly Toynbee "I hate weddings.
Having spent nearly a week at the Hannover Messe, exploring the fascinating concept of Industry 4.0 and speaking to numerous blue-chip and SMEs about how ready the UK is to take advantage of this technological leap forward, it suddenly occurred to me when talking to those at the forefront of this revolution that in many instances numerous UK manufacturers haven't even reached what has been crassly termed Industry 3.5!
Another option was indeed suggested at a meeting with Mr Zack, so I am very disappointed that this attempt to find a solution has been so crassly thrown back in our faces.
Funny, warm and not afraid to include gags clearly intended more for parents than their kids, it's the kind of production that keeps the franchise fresh (and crassly, merchandise flying off shelves) while waiting for yet another sequel.
Unless, that is, you happen to need a little help navigating the streets and sidewalks, in which nothing says "Get lost'' quite as crassly as the folks on Beacon Hill who are trying to block safety improvements.
If you happened to be flipping through this year's Monta Vista High School yearbook, you may have come across an unusual sight: a team photo caption identifying a student with a last name ending in "Jew." But it's no quirky family namethe last three letters of the Israeli student's name were purposely tweaked by a classmate, and the crassly edited version made it all the way through the yearbook's editing and printing process, the San Jose Mercury News reports.