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Synonyms for crapulence

the condition of being intoxicated with alcoholic liquor

Synonyms for crapulence

the act of drinking alcoholic beverages to excess

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That they offer such innocuous ways of doing so (choose a badge; agree with or cavil at a political statement) suggests a somewhat melancholic estimation of the audience's mental torpor: For all the comic crapulence of their audience-participation activities, the Smiths are social anatomists and oblique tacticians rather than jokers.
Burns Part 2," I thought I noticed another new variation of crap when Burns claims to have been "wallowing in [his] own crapulence." I assmned this to have been an invention of the writers, who in other episodes have coined great words like craptacular and ape-poopy.
Throughout BtTYFTBYMBD we watch Eliot, femme fatale Justine, and her girlfriend Giselle wallow in their own crapulence: tossing empty beer-bottles off a Manhattan high-rise rooftop, taunting and assaulting freak-show midgets, riding Coney Island's Wonder Wheel on psychoactive drugs, and reveling in posh sex clubs.
The play then explores the Husband's crapulence with pitiless ingenuity: feeding your face reverses the life-giving function of food.