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a gambler who plays the game of craps

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Interactive tools include free online browser-based "Play-4-Fun" craps games, message boards to discuss craps strategies and access to online purchases of craps and casino gambling-related products, including the print version of "The CrapShooter.
Just some of the professional gamblers, expert writers and players' advocates participating in UNLV's Casino Ops include blackjack expert Stanford Wong, Las Vegas Advisor newsletter publisher Anthony Curtis, Blackjack Forum publisher Arnold Snyder, noted gaming author Henry Tamburin, slot club expert Jeffrey Compton, Comp City author Max Rubin, professional video poker player Bob Dancer, Larry Edell, publisher of the newsletter, The Crapshooter, and many more.
There's even a weak link: Crapshooters can abuse their elbows and wrists and need arthroscopy.
Third, he would under no circumstances work "eight hours out of [his] life daily so that the system may prosper and the crapshooters running it.
It's like [Michael Kidd's] Guys and Dolls: the crapshooters have to flip and roll dice and slide on their knees.
An orchestral number, The Crapshooters Dance from Guys and Dolls, got part two off to an explosive start.
However, those who did listen to the song's poetic rhythm now know of the people excluded from the glory train - "no liars, highknee dressers, small tippers and cigarette smokers, crapshooters, gamblers and midnight ramblers".