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It's because they've got a crappy leader who doesn't give a stuff about them or their ambitions.
Naturally a few terms and conditions apply, but for two lucky winners the days of having a crappy website are nearing their end.
DAN MAHOWNY, a hard-working Toronto assistant bank manager, lives in a barren apartment, drives a crappy car and appears to own but one ill-fitting suit.
MEMO to music television and radio stations from Moby: Stop playing crappy music.
The matte black is easy to look at, suavely smooth rather than sticky or crappy, but it lacks depth; Rae is no Rembrandt, or even Reinhardt.
Even the band's name started originally as a joke about "the crappy circuit of dives we had to play at the beginning," James says.
Got a great demo CD (which is usually an oxymoron) in the mail from a band called CheapSkateS entitled Fundamentally Ill (note to aspiring bands: please do not flood my mailbox with your crappy demos).
I didn't forget what l learned, though, putting it to good use in the long years of little pay and crappy cars that came with the pursuit of a career in music and writing.
They have to live in crappy homes and put up with (sometimes) crappy parents and,in general, a crappy lot in life.
Just as record companies rely on bundling 10 crappy songs with one good one, movie studios depend on when and where a disc can be played to boost profits.
The bad news is, it comes in the form of my crappy Web site," says Walter Miller.
Crappy vocals are responsible for most bands not getting their CD reviewed.
You know, a cover and 17 pages is a lot of space to waste on a crappy television show.