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He will share the key characteristics and symptoms of crappy code, and explain how companies can protect themselves from it.
Of course, most of this mental crusading occurs before the kid pops into the world, and the idealistic black father is left to wonder, "Did Gandhi have to contend with crappy diapers?
Here (left) winners Rebecca Trump and Tom Cole explain their intriguing concept: "What if the White House were a crappy New York apartment?
Not all crappy reporting can be dismissed as silly.
Two Florida businesses have joined forces to help eradicate the problem of crappy websites.
Hollywood Star Lanes, the hardscrabble and locally revered bowling alley made famous in The Big Lebowski, was seized from its original owners to build a mammoth school in a crappy neighborhood.
Moyer clarifies that he's merely channeling his namesake: A self-described "punk kid," Moyer knows he's "providing a crappy photocopy" of Warhol's onetime muse and luminous accessory.
And if Mr Rhodes is in any doubt why his team aren't terribly consistent, it's not because they're crappy cooks.
Hand-made, highly crafted, but kind of crappy, quirky, funny, messy, juvenile, and favoring the goth--the formal aspects of art invested in one way or another with adolescence or childhood show a remarkable affinity with Miller's vintage work.
If there was money involved we'd be queuing up to answer the few crappy questions involved.
He also said the kids in Merseyside are ``ill fed,ill shod,live in crappy homes with crappy parents''.
SAN ANTONIO, March 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooklyn-based practical joke greeting card publisher / merchandiser crappy endings today announced that it has been awarded sales arrangements by the Independent College Bookstore Association Inc.
And unlike those crappy cassette tapes you might have made of your favorite CD, MP3 tracks maintain CD quality sound after duplication.
Members simply add their crappy gifts to their Shopit stores in one of two categories; Ugliest Apparel Item, and Most Useless Item.