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ornamental shrub from eastern India commonly planted in the southern United States

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Due to the extreme results accumulated during the weekly sampling in comparison to Mizell & Schiffhauer (1987), a large number of additional visual samples were completed on pecan and crape myrtle at the main locations on most sample dates (data not shown).
Egolf developed varieties of many ornamental shrubs, such as pyracantha, viburnum, crape myrtle, and rose of Sharon.
* Crape myrtles. Zones 7-9, 14-17: 'Muskogee' is one of the prettiest crape myrtles you can grow.
The wedding took place under giant crape myrtles that formed an arch over the burlap-covered brick walkway as the couple faced a bank of red roses surrounding a stone fountain.
CRAPE MYRTLE. Zones 7-9, 14-17: Three of the best crape myrtles for fall color are 'Pecos' and 'Zuni' (both Lagerstroemia hybrids) and 'Near East'.
In the ballroom, tables were clustered around crape myrtles with bases of chocolate roses, fall hydrangeas, James Story orchids, and candles.
Some spring bloomers that make beautiful backdrops include flowering cherries (pinks, white), Western dogwoods (pinks, white), roses (rainbow hues), wisteria (lavender blue, white), and crape myrtles (reds, pinks, purples).
The courtyard was filled with olive trees and crape myrtles that were illuminated by the glow of hanging candles.
They include "Aptos Blue' redwoods, deodar cedars, Chinese tallow trees, and tree and shrub crape myrtles, as well as a stand of existing oaks along the back.
What they couldn't have seen in the view from those window sashes is that two centuries later, their descendants would gather to celebrate their family underneath those same crape myrtles and oak trees laden with Spanish moss.
Throughout the yard are Chinese Parasol trees and single-trunked crape myrtles that loom over Lime Light Hydrangeas and Marynell Hollies.
Shade comes from tall crape myrtles bordering the pool, towering oaks dripping with Spanish moss, and weighty palms that line walking paths.
Guests arrived at the bride's parent's home under crape myrtles adorned with mason jar lanterns.
In keeping with Jenny's garden preferences, old plants like George Tabor azaleas and blue hydrangeas form the backbone of the garden, along with crape myrtles, magnolias, Japanese maples, and evergreen junipers.