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a fussy and eccentric disposition

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An Air Force colonel, a woman, who now flies a friend's personal jet, told me a couple of years ago that one reason she quit the force was Hillary's crankiness and demands on Air Force One.
The most prevalent symptoms were fever, headache, sore throat, tiredness, muscle aches, and crankiness. Fever was present in about 85% of cases of children with stomatitis, in 95% of cases with myalgias and malaise, but in only 50% of cases of hand/foot/mouth.
Mumbai: RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan said that the policy innovations from emerging markets are more likely to be seen by it as "crankiness of the Governor or the government".
Calcium may be the cure to crankiness, so get three cups of dairy daily, plus plenty of steep and exercise.
She had begun this journey with every intention of grinning and bearing his crankiness - well aware of its root cause - but the queue for the Ladies at the last stop, and the resulting scramble to reboard the coach, had conspired to shorten her fuse and sharpen her tongue.
The new boss's crankiness is forgivable, given other professional worries on his plate--most of them involving Brylcreem-slick new MI5 boss Max Denbigh (a splendid Andrew Scott), code-named C, who is spearheading a reorganization that could see the entire 00 program shut down.
Getting jarred out of a deep REM slumber to the sound of a blaring alarm clock sets you up for a negative day brimming with fatigue and crankiness.
Forgive me for my crankiness if you cross paths with me this week: I'm preparing for Yom Kippur, and I've given up coffee.
I have become skilled at not to take life seriously but laugh away oddities as something crankiness and eccentricity if the behaviour of others was not acceptable.
"When it comes to other people's dads, you may not put up with their crankiness. But when it comes to your own parents, you will not think he's that cranky.
As he prepares to challenge an almost universally younger and svelter field of Republican rivals, Bush has adopted a drastic weight-loss program that is melting away pounds at a staggering rate even as it inflicts an unhappy toll: regular bouts of dietary crankiness.
With material simplicity, and artistic crankiness, Flynt introduces broad philosophical concepts into the unremarkable symbols of everyday communication and thought.
Issues of deafness, caginess, crankiness and/or ego might have been anticipated, but the evening is "a huge success," both poets being "entirely at ease together from the start." Dennis, who has taken no small trouble with the event, is seated not with the poets, however, but with the wives, smack between Carol and Betty, which means that he misses "much of the Thomas / Milosz exchange." Of course, he is much too much of a gentleman to say so, but it must have been a disappointment.
When exhaustion, crankiness, and pessimism began to make routine tasks seem monumental, I knew I needed to do a self-assessment.
Christie, "who tells it like it is and gives it to you straight," carries the anonyms "killer persona of charismatic crankiness" and "Governor Powder Keg." In his speech, dubbed the "Me Note Address," Christie used 1,800 words in the first 16 minutes to talk about New Jersey before mentioning the name of the nominee.