crank call

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a hostile telephone call (from a crank)

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The controversial Christchurch politician posted a woman's number on his Facebook page, telling his followers that the woman deserves to receive abusive messages and crank calls.
a) Rocky b) Die Hard c) Crank CALL 0901 609 2900 and follow instructions.
ANDREW STRAUSS has no choice but to lead England out against Pakistan at Lord's today - because he cannot decide otherwise on the basis of what may prove to be merely a "crank call".
FORMER England skipper Terry Butcher thought the offer to become Scotland assistant manager was a crank call. But once he was convinced it was his old Ipswich team-mate George Burley on the line, he needed little persuading.
It is understood the brother of Uzma Arshad, who lives in the city, called West Midlands Police late last week after receiving what he believed to be a crank call.
Laffer net set up a `Net-based service where users can enter a phone number and a related e-mail address to initiate a crank call. Victims will then get an e-mail message explaining the gag.
One was accused of making crank call to the embassy while the other, a motorcyclist was apprehended for making ''obscene gestures'' at a guard outside the embassy.
zenani mzube is concerned with violence against women ("Easier"); Laila Aziz, patriarchy ("Izms"); Angela Joyce, fear ("Crank Call"); d.j.
The crank call, the "dreaded stick ball game run,."
I was so like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, I expect a crank call from Russell Brand any second.
Not since poor Drew Barrymore answered a crank call in Scream has a film exploited stereotypes with such glee, and subverted our expectations at every blood-spattered turn.
"When I got the call from George Michael's people I thought it was a crank call but then the letter came and I couldn't believe it."
"It would be wrong for us to vote with our feet on something that may be just a crank call. We just don't know.
Terkel is at his funniest when he recounts a phone conversation with an FBI agent which he mistook for a crank call. In 1934 the author received his law degree from the University of Chicago but by this time acting not the law was his passion.
"It is possible that this is some sort of crank call but it is also just as possible that this could be genuine."