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The peak cranial thickness at many sites in the neurocranium occurred later in females than in males, corresponding to the finding that craniometric age changes were attained later in female than in male macaques (Wang et al.; Van Minh et al., 2015).
These estimates are based both on anthropological techniques, primarily craniometric analysis, and on the context of the recovery location and condition of the remains (e.g., Birkby et al.
The location of brain tumours was studied in relation to these craniometric points and other structures including sylvian fissure, coronal suture, motor strip, superior sagittal sinus, transverse sinus, top of the pinna and external auditory canalin all planes (coronal, sagittal and axial).
Radiologic evaluation of the craniovertebral junction requires identification of few anatomic structures, knowledge of some basic osseous relationships, and a few craniometric measurements [19].
sex estimation, craniometrics, interobserver error, physical
Johnson, "Heritability of craniometric and occlusal variables: a longitudinal sib analysis," American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, vol.
In conclusion, the craniometric measurements and statistical analyses of this study showed that our coordinate system was an accurate and practical method for identifying the ASTS.
[8] Craniometric measurements have a special usefulness in forensic practice where cranial remains can be compared with existing photographic and radiological records in making the identification.
Gliddon Types of Mankind where Gliddon who was a co-writer of this infamous raceological book and who wrote a reply to Samuel George Morton's solicitation for help in his craniometric endeavor in November of 1837.
Biological Anthropological Aspects of the African Diaspora: Geographic Origins, Secular Trends, and Plastic versus Genetic Influences Utilizing Craniometric Data.