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the scientific study of the skulls of various human races

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1991: Comparison of craniological parameters in Mus musculus musculus Linnaeus, 1758 and Mus musculus hortulanus Nordmann, 1840.
Haddon personally carried out a wide range of research, from studies on craniological data to an analysis of other anthropometric statistics (skin colour, height, etc.) and comparative research on the region's linguistic variations, decorative arts and genealogy.
The contribution of Caucasoid and Mongoloid components in the formation of the anthropological type of the Kazakhs was proved earlier by Ismagulov (1970) on the basis of a comprehensive study of paleoantropological and craniological materials.
Here, Conrad seems to be satirising the craniological ideas of Lombroso" (160).
In order to ground this idea and explode the Near Eastern hypothesis, Kuzmina has collected, classified, compared, and summarised a huge amount of archaeological data, including that obtained from her own fieldwork; this is then examined against written records, linguistic and ethnographic data relating to the material culture of the Indo-Iranians, as well as anthropological (craniological) data.
(39) In Kazakhstan, the disciples of Ismagulov, who still heads the Laboratory for Ethnic Anthropology of the academy's Institute of History and Ethnology, continue to assert that "the Kazakhs' genetic stock is biologically indivisible and unified, and a division into clans, tribes, or hordes is not justified." (40) The Museum of National History in Almaty maintains a physical anthropology department that displays tableaus on Kazakh ethnogenesis based on the somatic, dermatological, serological, odontological, and craniological criteria worked out by Ismagulov.
Scientific racism soon followed with craniological studies aimed at providing proof to sustain this theory of a natural racial hierarchy.