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  • noun

Synonyms for direction

Synonyms for direction

authoritative control over the affairs of others

the continuous exercise of authority over a political unit

an act or instance of guiding

Synonyms for direction

a general course along which something has a tendency to develop

a formal statement of a command or injunction to do something

the concentration of attention or energy on something

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The range of CCins-MRI was 0.89-10.5 cm in the caudal direction and 0.89-7.42 cm in the cranial direction. The range of CCexp -MRI was 0.74-9.68 cm in the caudal direction and 0.78-7.57 cm in the cranial direction.
The arterial vascular system of the animals were filled with Neoprene Latex 450" in aqueous solution at 50% (Du Pont do Brasil S/A, Industria Quimica), stained with specific pigment of red coloration (Globo S/A, Tintas e Pigmentos) through cannulation of the left sciatic artery, and injection in cranial direction.
Furthermore, the caudal direction of the needle enables the catheter to easily pass into the superior vena cava without a tendency to the catheter migrating in the cranial direction. There is a report of CVC using ultrasound with an in-plane approach at the supraclavicular region for adult patients (4).
Diaphragmatic movement in the caudal direction was given a positive value, while movement in the cranial direction was given a negative value.
As soon as the patient's diaphragm began moving in the cranial direction, the technologist began timing the patient's expiration time with the stopwatch.