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long-legged slender flies that resemble large mosquitoes but do not bite

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Professor Davy McCracken, an ecologist at Scotland's Rural College, who led a study into crane fly populations, said: "While over 90% of the fields sampled contained more than 0.6 million grubs per hectare nearly 60% of the fields harboured populations of over two million per hectare.
A New Crane Fly Species from Michigan (Diptera: Tipulidae).
Common crane fly numbers continued to make a slow recovery after population crash in 2007.
Yellow patches on the lawn *may be caused by larval crane fly, known as leatherjackets.
Two Chepstow fixtures in September 2005 were lost due to an infestation of leatherjackets - the larval stage of the crane fly, or daddy long-legs.
What is the alternative name for a crane fly? elementary 1.
Sparrow with crane fly; A chaffinch by Ben Hall, one of many local photographers and artists contributing to the book; Prof David Norman
As I watched Emily stalk the crane flies I thought to myself, "OK, this will be the big test: If she leaps up on a chair to reach a crane fly, I will know for sure that she is officially carrying the torch of her grandma and great-grandma." Sure enough, Emily boosted herself onto a green stool in the corner and smacked a bug high on the wall, then jumped down, looking satisfied, and took off after the next one.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: Leatherjackets, the larval stage of the daddy long legs or crane fly, gorge on grass roots.
states does the whooping crane fly through before reaching the boreal forest?
Your May 2005 issue of MLO features the picture of a nonmosquito behind the headline for "mosquito-borne flaviviruses." The dipteran depicted is a tipulid or crane fly and is easily distinguished from a mosquito by the shape of wings, head, and abdomen, and lack of piercing-sucking mouthparts.
Earwigs have the scientific name dermaptera while Jenny Long Legs (or Daddy Long Legs in England) is the colloquial name for the crane fly or tipulidae.
Most crane fly larvae, though, are aquatic and quite benign.
Crane fly - Resemble overgrown mosquitoes, and have been called "daddy-long-legs with wings." They are quite clumsy fliers, and unlike mosquitoes, do not feed on humans.
They do kill large numbers of harmless and even beneficial insects, including pollinators and insects such as the crane fly, which would be out there eating mosquitoes if they weren't zapped.