crane's bill

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meadow crane's bill. Overhead, you might well see a skylark (one of 80 species of birds recorded) and many species of butterfly are also attracted by the flowers there.
Plants such as yellow rattle, common bent, eyebright, wood crane's bill, ragged robin and lesser trefoil are making a comeback in the area thanks to the AONB Partnership's Hay Time project.
In his introduction to the book, Trevor recalls the flower-rich pastures of his youth, full of plants like orchids, hay rattle, quaking grass, meadow crane's bill and greater knapweed, and regrets that 90% of those meadows have been lost, mostly because of farm management practices.
Crane's bill, Tasker said, would give the Commerce Department discretion to balance U.S.
Among plants tucked into crevices between boulders and steps grow coral bells (Heuchera sanguinea), crane's bill (Erodium chamaedryoides), and 'Alba' freesias.