cranberry juice

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the juice of cranberries (always diluted and sweetened)

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Drinking cranberry juice prevented ALL of the MRSA bacteria from developing
A person may, of course, choose to use cranberry juice or capsules for whatever reason he or she wishes.
These unique compounds can be found in a variety of products, including cranberry juice cocktail, 100 per cent cranberry juice, light cranberry juice, dried cranberries and cranberry extract, however most of the research surrounding cranberries and UTIs has been conducted using juice.
This study lends further evidence to support using daily cranberry juice for prophylaxis of UTIs in women with multiple UTI recurrences,' he wrote.
The cranberry juice was sweetened with sucralose and had the same juice content (27 percent) and nutrients as most sugar-sweetened cranberry juice available in stores.
This drying process involves low temperatures that limit the degradation of the integrity of the cranberry juice concentrate and has many advantages over spray-, freeze- and drum-drying technology.
They found that while fresh cranberry juice contained good levels of anthocyanins, vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and had a reddish color, after undergoing a heat treatment, the level of anthocyanins in the heat-treated samples decreased somewhat from the levels found in fresh juice.
Discuss the results of the Interstitial Cystitis Symptom Index (ICSI) tool and the Interstitial Cystitis Problem Index (ICPI) in measuring cranberry juice effectiveness in women experiencing urinary tract infection symptoms as evidenced by this study.
As a paraplegic, for years (since 1952) the doctors have told me to drink cranberry juice.
Drinking low-calorie cranberry juice on a regular basis may help keep your blood pressure under control.
In studies presented recently at the American Heart Association High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions, foods such as low-fat yogurt, sesame/rice-bran oils, and low-calorie cranberry juice were associated with keeping blood pressure down.
Washington, October 17 ( ANI ): For decades, cranberries and cranberry juice have been used to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs), but an updated systematic review has revealed that they might not be very helpful.
New research has revealed that cranberry juice can help to reduce recurrences of urinary tract infections (UTIs) in children.
Drinking cranberry juice can block urinary infections by binding to bacteria so they can't stick to the urinary tact walls and spread infection.
A cup of cranberry juice a day may keep some bacteria away, according to a study from researchers at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.