cranberry bush

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deciduous North American shrub or small tree having three-lobed leaves and red berries

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For gardeners who would like to grow cranberries but don't want the hassle, I recommend a plant that can be grown in all but the southernmost regions of the country Viburnum trilobum, or American cranberry bush viburnum, is tough, durable, attractive and produces berries.
Other good choices for berries are the bar-berries (best used as thorny hedges to deter traffic) and the American cranberry bush, a noncranberry whose shining fruit resembles cranberries.
This week's online offer is for a cranberry bush for just pounds 3.49 - that's half price.
Lake Boulevard in Tahoe Vista, has a wide selection of flowering plants (columbines are especially noteworthy) as well as fruiting shrubs--chokecherry, cranberry bush, elderberry, and sand cherry.
There were cranberry bushes everywhere, ones that had been planted by birds, not man.