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Due to this robust profile of polyphenols, our team sought to evaluate the immediate vascular impact of drinking one, 450 ml (or 16 ounces) glass of cranberry juice with a different range of concentrations of cranberry-polyphenols.
The Cranberry CUP takes place August 2nd, 3rd and 4th in 2013.
Research suggests that in some people, regular cranberry juice consumption for months can kill the H.
The antimicrobial study indicated that, when compared with the control, the chicken wings marinated with original and double concentrations of cranberry sauce underwent 1.
Some tips for cranberry picking: Ripe cranberries should be shiny and plump.
5-7) Researchers who studied a small group of healthy Danish women (nine in total) observed a marked increase in the subjects' plasma antioxidant activity about one to two hours after they drank 500 mL (about 16 ounces) of cranberry juice.
Comment: Cranberry is best known for its ability to prevent urinary tract infections.
Cheese eaten together with fruit has since become customary in Yorkshire, the home of Real Yorkshire Wensleydale and with its striking colour and fruity taste, the cranberry adds a modern twist to the traditional product.
The medicinal properties of the American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) have been recognised for centuries.
Although other fruit and veg contain similar defence compounds, the cranberry PACs are the only ones that work to prevent bacterial attachment, because of their unique molecular shapes.
The Pilgrims gave them the name "crane berry" because their small, pink blossoms resembled the head and bill of a Sandhill crane--through usage eventually they came to be called a cranberry.
Ocean Spray ITG welcomes two new independent studies linking cranberry consumption to the prevention of periodontal or gum disease.
The cranberry harvest is traveling to Hollywood with more than 2,000 pounds of cranberries and cranberry vines from Ocean Spray bogs in Washington state.
Try adding them to whole-grain cereal, serving cranberry chutney over poultry, or putting dried cranberries on granola.