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fault of were the He added: "It's encouraging to see how the event is growing and we have more partners were not Steve Cram than ever because Sunderland needs events to bring people into the city."
Although there are no out-of-pocket costs to KCPS, CFO Allan Tunis says there are definitely indirect costs, such as Cram's time, her staff's time, and the use of school facilities.
Cram is now retired from competitive sport and works as a TV commentator and motivational speaker as well as being an ambassador for Yorkshire Bank.
"The state of British athletics is better than it was at the 2006 European Championships in Gothenburg when Britain failed to win an individual gold medal, but it has to move on," said Cram.
The basic formula for success on cram down is the same as for other MBA advocacy priorities--namely, make a strong policy argument, deploy your political resources to create awareness and directly lobby policymakers.
Cram was so inept, so out of his depth, that if he hadn't looked so pleased with himself, I might even have felt sorry for him.
Neither Cram nor sidekick Rhona Martin were on the edge of their seats as confirmed by an unforgiving BBC camera which swung their way just as he said it, revealing the pair in full recline mode and showing no sign of inching forward towards the precipice that the ex-middle distance man had alluded to.
ATHLETICS: Lord Sebastian Coe has teamed up with Steve Cram and Paula Radcliffe in a bid to revive British distance running.
One out of every four pupils at public elementary schools in Japan attend cram school after class as of November 2007, the education ministry said in a survey released Friday.
OLYMPIAN Steve Cram has relived the horror of his brother's death in a Cardiff Park in an effort to promote a scheme designed to make identification easier.
Gabrielle Orr, 14, and Helen Barlow, 16, from the Elliott Clarke Theatre School both reached the final of the Janet Cram Awards.
Charles Ray Cram II, who owns Cram Custom Homes, listed $1.2 million in assets.
The architecture of Ralph Adams Cram and his office.
Contested Words: Legal Restrictions on Freedom of Speech in Liberal Democracies by Ian Cram (Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing Ltd, 2006) pages 1-233.