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a steep rugged rock or cliff

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I could not wring from my little lady how she had spent the day; except that, as I supposed, the goal of her pilgrimage was Penistone Crags; and she arrived without adventure to the gate of the farm-house, when Hareton happened to issue forth, attended by some canine followers, who attacked her train.
There was a lake here, in the lap of the great mountains, the green slopes that rose toward the lower crags were graced with scattered Swiss cottages nestling among miniature farms and gardens, and from out a leafy ambuscade in the upper heights tumbled a brawling cataract.
2 Continue along path, initially walking on wall through woodland and then opening out to views of wall undulating over Cuddy's and Hotbank Crags. Pass Milecastle 37.
In 2016, a University of Arkansas student died when she slipped off a small boulder and fell 100 feet off a cliff near Hawksbill Crag. The student was identified as Jessamy Samuels, 19, of Rogers, Arkansas.
At present, serum cryptococcal antigen (CrAg) test is the most used noninvasive method to detect cryptococcal infection.
After refuelling, the helicopter returned to the scene with a further 10 rescuers and more technical kit which was airlifted to the crag top.
In the light of these data, on 1 October 2016 the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) implemented a ground-breaking service to provide the world's first and largest national laboratory-based CrAg screening programme aimed at detecting early cryptococcal disease before progression to meningitis in all HIV-seropositive patients with a CD4+ count <100 cells/[micro]L across SA.
Speaking toMetro, Crag said: "It's about getting Donugs sold at every sporting ground, every service station, every fish and chip shop.
Crag supplied all the runners who crossed the line with medals.
"Over the last year, we have taken part in many archaeological projects across the Clwydian Range, and last summer we worked with CRAG digging on the plateau behind Moel Arthur.
[USA], August 16 ( ANI ): He would 'hate to burst the bubble' but Daniel Crag says he is still 'undecided' on next James Bond film.
At the junction of routes before Crag Farm (below left) we keep to the right and pass through a wooden field gate before our pathway runs through an area of mixed woodland.
It is believed that rock instability caused the climber to fall after he grabbed a piece of rock which then fell from the crag.
This is a crag that Tom and myself know intimately so it came as a shock when we could not find a route named 'Quietus'.
The next heat is at Thrunton Long Crag Fishery on January 10.