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Synonyms for craftiness

Synonyms for craftiness

shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception

the quality of being crafty

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The moral qualities attributed to particular species--drunkenness in pigs (considered by Alison Stewart); cunning or craftiness in foxes; courage, fearlessness, and royalty in lions, for example--are then related back to humans.
Even when the unlikely romance between Irrfan and Deepika Padukone comes into the picture, it maintains a delicate craftiness.
During telephonic address Altaf Hussain condemned the act of not allowing women to vote in Lower Dirs local body elections and termed it as craftiness.
This book is valuable for specialists or generalists since each chapter introduces the playwright, supplies convenient plot summaries and fosters appreciation for the intricacies and craftiness of stage adaptation in Renaissance Italy.
While the investigation is hampered by the craftiness of the "dead" husband and roadblocks he throws in Thorne's way, he plods on doggedly, just in character.
Through her ceramic sculptures, Wieselthier strove "to elevate female craftiness and vessel-based techniques into the realm of the monumental," and became "the only practitioner of the New Viennese Ceramics to be accepted as a sculptor in the united States.
Toronto's Mark Buehrle has highlighted his craftiness by winning his first four games while allowing only two earned runs in 28 innings.
With it, Erdoy-an, the "master of political craftiness," aims to kill more than three birds with one stone.
But over the time the citizens have grown too familiar with their compulsive trickery and craftiness to be beguiled any more.
The action in the middle failed to match the intensity and craftiness one associates with India- Pakistan encounters.
Jack is famous for his craftiness with creative deals and is an expert in single family houses, options, leases, and creative financing among others.
I think that things are still kind of throttled--but in a 'normal' way, so Iran's Internet is back to its normal, everyday level of craftiness.
Gabuco failed to get into any rhythm with China's Xu Shiqi, whom she was able to beat last year in the world championships, used her craftiness to get back at the Filipino with a 3-0 decision.
Even threads she initially scored as a joke for costume parties, like a snazzy Mexican muumuu, end up being incorporated into her everyday wardrobe with a smidge of craftiness, like a wide three-buckle belt.