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Synonyms for craftiness

Synonyms for craftiness

shrewdness as demonstrated by being skilled in deception

the quality of being crafty

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Until then, Pella, who is yet to win a title despite turning pro 10 years ago, had given no indication whatsoever that he was capable of such craftiness. But that was exactly what the 28-year-old Argentinian did, surprising not only his young rival but also the spectators many of whom suddenly began cheering for him.
And he attacks guys with strength, with his wit, his craftiness." "Guys just hit him a lot.
With a little craftiness, I made some pretty eclectic and useful things.
Metallic luster leaves a smooth and simple feel of beauty and exquisite craftiness. Huawei offers Y3 II and Y5 II in more than a single color; Obsidian Black, Arctic White, and Sand Gold and surely these are the most attractive colors for the newly introduced smart devices.
Cassius needed Brutus to lend his plot respectability, but Brutus doesn't realize he needs Cassius's craftiness to succeed in the aftermath.
The great chemistry of Huawei's craftiness left no corner and resulted in the most elegant smart phone of the market, the Y6 II.
The fast-paced business, which came into its own in the 1940s to 1960s, brought fame and fortune to the young man, known as "the Green Hornet" by his employees for his creativity and craftiness.
This is a triumphant wartime biography, full of accounts of heroism and near-alchemistic craftiness, that should impress all those looking to celebrate underlauded World War II heroes.
Demonstrating theatrical craftiness, the reunited "Grey Gardens" team of Doug Wright (book), Scott Frankel (music), Michael Korie (lyrics), and Michael Greif (direction) begins with a slightly splashy production number but soon settles into a chamber-ish musical, more driven by character and theme than spectacle.
The 25-year-old also shares his enthusiasm and craftiness. Belgian fans call him "the Ginger Pele".
The question for me is not whether Armstrong can handle it but whether Aleksandar Mitrovic is capable of playing target man alongside him with enough craftiness and a calmness of temperament to be a success and fashion promotion at the first attempt.
Calm, reassurance, consistency and honesty are not the values that matter; bluster, threat, opportunism and craftiness rise instead.
Our story shows the gullibility of our late lamented wirehaired pointing griffon, Tsar and the craftiness of one of his housemates, a little rat terrier named Drucilla (Dru).
Root's jangled protuberances and mix of colors and finishes nod to the vibrant return of ceramics in contemporary practice; her textiles are equally on point with current trends embracing a '60s California craftiness. But Root's works are also like giant sheets of origami paper waiting to turn into sculpture.