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a labor union whose membership is restricted to workers in a particular craft

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A spokeswoman for The Craft Union Pub Company said: "We are delighted to be taking over The Albert Hotel in Huddersfield.
Nonetheless, such craft union militancy was also frequently accompanied by active resistance to organizing and admitting into union membership unskilled workers, who often worked alongside their skilled counterparts (for example, southern and eastern European immigrants working in the iron and Steel industries in the late 19th and early 20th centuries), as well as women workers (in early 20th century tailoring and garment manufacturing), and workers of colour (especially African Americans, but also Asian and Latino workers, in many industries and at various times).
An important feature of the code of work rules, with respect to this study, is that, once a rule which is to the liking of a craft union is written into a labor-management agreement or has become hallowed merely by long practice if instituted unilaterally by management, it assumes the aura of untouchable tradition in the union's view and becomes sacrosanct, and management dare not lightly suggest at the bargaining table that it be abrogated.
Thus, relative to one another, the service sector union had the most usable website, followed by the public sector and manufacturing union sites--which were not significantly different from one another--with the craft union having the lowest usability scores.
Douglas's biography of Tenzing provides new material, and sets his life in historical context, describing how the Sherpas established themselves as a professional elite, something like a craft union, and how the subcontinent was wrestling its way towards a post-imperial identity.
CEOs perceived craft union traditions, rules, and operating procedures, particularly union hiring halls and apprenticeship, as obstacles to corporate domination, a kin d of building trades "exceptionalism" that bucked the historical shift of control over the production process from worker to manager.
CNEE represents over 30,000 companies belonging to four professional organisations: FEDELEC (national federation of independent traders in the electricity and electronics sectors); FNEE (national federation of electrical equipment providers); SERCE (the union of network and electrical construction contractors); and UNA 3E (national craft union of electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers).
While it seemed as if the Brotherhood was the clear-cut winner in the battle to organize woodworkers, another craft union, the Upholsterer's International Union of North America (UIU), formed in Chicago in 1892, quietly and effectively began to challenge the Brotherhood.
The Department of Labor's regulations failed to recognize categories of unskilled laborers other than union apprentices, even in the rare instances when such categories were sanctioned by local craft union rules.
He tells how a big industrial union arose in the 1930s from the ashes of the craft union crushed in 1892 and how the deadly embrace of past conflicts gave way to a tender embrace that produced deadening results in the long run.
He said: "First of all, the Olde Hatte is about to become our first managed pub in the Huddersfield area, which will sit under our Craft Union model.
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In a Web story, the paper stated, "If the proposed contracts are approved, it would end more than a year of negotiations, would end the lockout of 215 craft union members, and would result in the dismissal of all legal disputes.
AMFA will continue our 45 year quest to create the largest and most effective craft union for aviation mechanic and related workers.
The range of possibilities is very variable, ranging from craft union activities to educational orders.