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Synonyms for crackling

the residue that remains after animal fat has been rendered


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the sharp sound of snapping noises

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Our favorite results come from using the smoker in conjunction with the motor-powered rotisserie, producing a cracklingly crisp outer layer encasing succulent meat within.
In the West End last night, I was thrilled as a first rate cast delivered a cracklingly fast paced comedy.
When a child, it was Lassie who first stirred my heart with her wagging tale; Henry James and Edith Wharton later led me into the higher echelons of literature, while Mark Twain and Robert Service so cracklingly shed their Old World shackles and associations.
When that withering wit is at the service of morality, as in Waugh's case, when the entertaining tale is a morality tale wrapped in cracklingly light literate transparencies, the object lesson comes through refracted, and we're not bludgeoned with a novelist's thump.
In the three Jewels I saw, "Rubies" was the ballet that caught the audience--its energies are cracklingly coherent in the computer age--and it was Weese's "Rubies" that plugged in.
"Sounds interesting," she had said over a cracklingly bad connection.
But the songs are nevertheless skillfully rendered-from Annaleigh's version of 'Children and Art' and Robert Sean Leonard's 'No Life,' to the ensemble's cracklingly hilarious 'It's Hot Up Here.'
A disembodied voice commented cracklingly on the races - no TV - while plenty of punters struggled to even find a place to get their bets on.
Of the remainder, VW's Tallis Fantasia was the stateliest and most finely drawn (passionate, too) while Holst's Jupiter provided the evening's cracklingly jolly close with a glorious display of orchestral brilliance - and not just by the composer.
So Walton's Spitfire Prelude and Fugue was gorgeously romantic in its big, Elgarian tune, cracklingly energetic in the Fugue.