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Synonyms for cracking

a sudden sharp noise


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the act of cracking something

the process whereby heavy molecules of naphtha or petroleum are broken down into hydrocarbons of lower molecular weight (especially in the oil-refining process)

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In the in-situ oil shale exploitation, the main method is that by injecting heat into the underground, thermal cracking in oil shale occurs and then cracks generate, which can induce industrial oil and gas flows.
In this research, we overcome the cracking effect during the anodization.
Since concrete is weak in tension, the cracking of concrete as well as the interaction between the reinforcing steel and the cracked concrete causes highly nonlinear behavior in reinforced concrete structures [1].
Cracking is a major issue for the concrete industry, as it detracts from the aesthetics of concrete, can be a safety hazard, and may compromise durability or structural integrity.
Cracking or decohesion of second phase particles can happen in the first few cycles, particularly when the second phase particle is segregated and located in the high stress areas.
There's an easy way to protect the cover from cracks: If you're loading, unloading, or clearing the M240H while the rotor is turning, you must maintain control of the cover so it can't be pushed to the cracking point by rotor wash.
This cracking is not related to the turbulence, or specific to Qantas, but is traced back to a manufacturing issue," the Qantas statement said, adding that Airbus had confirmed the cracks had no effect on flight safety.
Designers say modern aircraft allow loads to be carried by a different part of the structure when one part fails and most cracking is usually captured early without generating publicity.
You have to properly identify the extent and cause of cracking before you can implement the right repair solution," he added.
CCM rolls are operated under thermomechanical loading, which causes multiple cracking of the working surface.
The SiGMA analysis was successfully applied to fracture tests of reinforced concrete specimens to visualize the cracking mechanisms (Ohtsu, et al.
You have to really jump on top of this glass cylinder to introduce some cracking, and you still won't break the whole structure.
Cracking The Symbol Cone: Revealing The Secret Heretical Messages Within The Church An Renaissance Art by British author, lecturer, and historian Tim Wallace-Murphy is among the most informative explanations to the mysteries left behind of the Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, King Solomon, and the metaphorical art of the medieval Christian era.