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Synonyms for cracking

a sudden sharp noise


Related Words

the act of cracking something

the process whereby heavy molecules of naphtha or petroleum are broken down into hydrocarbons of lower molecular weight (especially in the oil-refining process)

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Therefore, no cracking, finning or superheating occurred during this campaign.
In both conditions of exposure to ozone, the three brands of NRL condoms showed characteristic ozone cracking (refs.
In dynamic aspect, Li and Wong [25] studied the influence of loading conditions on the cracking process and type of propagation based on the finite element method and nonlinear dynamics.
In the in-situ oil shale exploitation, the main method is that by injecting heat into the underground, thermal cracking in oil shale occurs and then cracks generate, which can induce industrial oil and gas flows.
In this research, we overcome the cracking effect during the anodization.
Researchers and scientists believe that the rapid cracking of ice shelves is not only further evidence of climate change, but also a warning sign that there will be major flooding issues in the future.
Among these complex issues are the initial cracking and crack propagation of concrete, and the bond-slip phenomenon between the concrete and reinforcing steel.
IN most houses cracking is common and occurs either because of changes in the materials it is made from, or as a result of movement in the ground underneath or around the building.
This ultrasonic ILI tool detects and sizes axial cracks and crack-like features such as fatigue cracks, stress corrosion cracking (SCC) or weld cracks.
(2) Soil shrinkage aggravate inside horizontal cracking, but soil shrinkage is slowly near the vertical crack surface and far away from the vertical crack surface, inhomogeneous shrinkage at the vertical crack will lead to new horizontal crack shaping.
[16] had investigated the failure mechanisms of TBC system by using thermomechanical fatigue test and FE analysis and found that the decrease of the applied mechanical strain and hence of the developed stresses led to the suppression of failure by bond coat cracking and activated delamination.
Cracking and decohesion of large silicon and iron-rich intermetallic particles, as well as crystallographic shearing from persistent slip bands in the aluminum matrix, play an important role in crack initiation.
Powerful aircraft rotor wash Is pushing the M240H machine gun's feed tray cover to the cracking point.