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Synonyms for cracking

a sudden sharp noise


Related Words

the act of cracking something

the process whereby heavy molecules of naphtha or petroleum are broken down into hydrocarbons of lower molecular weight (especially in the oil-refining process)

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Then inspect these cracks during each operator-level PMCS to watch for increased cracking.
In Cracking The Network CODE; 4 Steps To Priceless Business Relationships by progress agent Dean Lindsay, readers will discover the many expansive possibilities generally not seen by the novice entrepreneur in starting a business of their own.
Zein el Abedine A, Robinson GH (1971) A study on cracking in some vertisols of the Sudan.
Yet, stainless-steel molds are susceptible to a common type of corrosive attack and tool failure called stress corrosion cracking.
This type of cracking is different from the 'type two' cracking found on certain A380s in the global fleet, which is now the subject of a European airworthiness directive," it said.
Designers say modern aircraft allow loads to be carried by a different part of the structure when one part fails and most cracking is usually captured early without generating publicity.
You have to properly identify the extent and cause of cracking before you can implement the right repair solution," he added.
CCM rolls are operated under thermomechanical loading, which causes multiple cracking of the working surface.
Until now, nut cracking had been reported only in chimp groups living west of the N'Zo-Sassandra River, which cuts vertically through Cote d'Ivoire not far from Africa's west coast.
Cracking The Symbol Cone: Revealing The Secret Heretical Messages Within The Church An Renaissance Art by British author, lecturer, and historian Tim Wallace-Murphy is among the most informative explanations to the mysteries left behind of the Knights Templar, Leonardo Da Vinci, King Solomon, and the metaphorical art of the medieval Christian era.
8) in his detailed work on the mechanism on ozone cracking of rubber made an important observation stating that a low carbon black content would improve the resistance to radial cracking.
In and of itself, this simple cracking is not harmful.
The participants included 30 individuals with a history of habitual knuckle cracking and 10 without.
IN most houses cracking is common and occurs either because of changes in the materials it is made from, or as a result of movement in the ground underneath or around the building.