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Synonyms for crackerjack

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

Synonyms for crackerjack

someone excellent of their kind

something excellent of its kind

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But no young contestant left empty-handed as there was always the consolation prize of a Crackerjack! pencil.
Crackerjack! was broadcast live in front of an audience of enthusiastic youngsters and they were entertained by a variety of musical guests over the years including The Who, Roy Orbison, Tom Jones, the Bee Gees, Lulu and Status Quo.
Maybe so, but will there still be Crackerjack pencils for prizes?
Madcap presenting duo Sam Nixon and Mark Rhodes will be the hosts for the next generation of Crackerjack fans.
TV bosses say the retro classic, which will be on CBBC and BBC iPlayer, will be 'revitalised for today's connected generation giving them an all-round, interactive experience while retaining the beating heart of what etched Crackerjack into the affections of British children for three decades'.
As she Tardis like a Crackerjack for y hcab-There is only one other problem to overcome: To remember I have a bag with me and not leave it behind in a pub.
FULL marks to all for that crackerjack of a presentation of The Lesters on Friday by At The Races.
For her crackerjack performance as Candida in Loy Arcenas' big-screen musical 'Ang Larawan,' however, she won not only the best actress award in the recent Metro Manila Film Festival, but also the hearts of Filipino fans.
PHLOX DOUGLASII 'CRACKERJACK' GRAVEL gardens and rockeries look wonderful in spring when alpines such as moss phlox burst into colourful bloom.
I followed his career from his early days on pirate radio to TV's Crackerjack and Junior Choice on Radio 2.
TRIBUTES have been paid to former DJ and Crackerjack presenter Ed "Stewpot" Stewart (pictured), who has died aged 74.
RADIO 1 DJ and Crackerjack presenter Ed "Stewpot" Stewart has died aged 74, a few days after having a stroke.
CRACKERJACK star Bernie Clifton has said he auditioned for The Voice because "there's more to me than the ostrich".
a crackerjack cartoon, the gags come gift-wrapped, the colours are deep and crisp and even.
And in place of Crackerjack, serve Hudson River Popcorn Company's small-batch caramel popcorn, which, despite its distinctly Eastern name, is made--just like this magazine--in Menlo Park, California.