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characteristic of country life

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Thomas bellowed, he whispered, he came up with the strangest cracker-barrel philosopher-king drawl, he took his words and splayed melodies from old folk songs and the inside moves of the most degraded pop hits.
Canadian writer best known as the creator of Sam Slick, a resourceful Yankee clock peddler and cracker-barrel philosopher whose encounters with a variety of people illuminated Haliburton's conservative view of human nature.
Other writers who early exploited cracker-barrel humor include <IR> SEBA SMITH </IR> and <IR> THOMAS CHANDLER HALIBURTON </IR> .
They sent him to dance school near their home in Jacksonville,Florida, where in 1933 he auditioned for the rustic actor Will Rogers, who was fond of cracker-barrel philosophy.
Neal, born in New Hampshire, is often placed among the practitioners of <IR> CRACKER-BARREL HUMOR </IR> , but he was decidedly under the influence of Charles Dickens.