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The group falling in category of others included ain from alveolitis, cellulitis, osteomylitis, bruxism, odontogenic cysts, cracked tooth syndrome and maxillary sinusitis.
The re-sulting diseases are gingivitis, pulpitis, periodontitis, pericoronitis, alveolar osteitis, osteomylitis, cellulites, specific and non specific ulcers, mucogingival lesions, temporomandibular joint disorders, sinusitis, cracked tooth syndrome, bruxism, wisdom teeth emerging, odontogenic and non-odotogenic cysts,etc.8,9,13
Somatic pain included pulpal pain, periodontal pain, mucogingival pain, temporomandibular joint pain, post extraction pain and others (alveolitis, cellulitis, osteomylitis, bruxism, odontogenic cysts, cracked tooth syndrome, maxilary sinusitis).
The IDA advised that wearing a night time biteguard dramatically also reduces the risk of cracked tooth syndrome.