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The re-sulting diseases are gingivitis, pulpitis, periodontitis, pericoronitis, alveolar osteitis, osteomylitis, cellulites, specific and non specific ulcers, mucogingival lesions, temporomandibular joint disorders, sinusitis, cracked tooth syndrome, bruxism, wisdom teeth emerging, odontogenic and non-odotogenic cysts,etc.8,9,13
She was taken to hospital to have the cracked tooth (and all eight of her remaining baby teeth removed) but afterwards she refused to open her mouth to even speak and had to be fed through a tube.
Keith Foster, 22, supermarket worker, Middlesbrough: "I've a cracked tooth, but can't get registered.
Currently, patients who lose a tooth generally receive a titanium implant inserted into their jaws, or they have crowns cemented over a cracked tooth.
(I can't tell you how many times I've heard about dogs who had developed aggressive behavior that went away almost immediately after a cracked tooth was finally detected and removed.)
The original diagnosis was an abscess and cracked tooth. It turned out to be that plus a fractured jaw but he will be fit to get back in the ring and raring to go for December.
If something serious such as a cavity or cracked tooth is spotted, hygienists provide a list of local dentists to patients.
It seems there's always some unanticipated expense this time of year - the car needs repairs, or a cracked tooth needs a crown, or the dog needs to go to the vet.
He managed to push the man away and was head-butted, causing a cracked tooth and badly bruised mouth.