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Synonyms for crackbrained

insanely irresponsible


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23) Lowry, writing to Glover, predicted trouble from Mason's editorship: 'He's a crackbrained socialist, with some literary ability; and he's certain sure to land Phoenix into a rough-house with the college'.
I sometimes ask myself how it happens that I attract nothing but crackbrained individuals, neurasthenics, neurotics, psychopaths--and Jews especially," wrote Henry Miller in Tropic of Cancer.
The problem was even explored on an episode of The L Word, when Bette's position as the curator of a modern art museum in Los Angeles was called into question by a crackbrained right-winger intent on drowning out the real issues with a drumbeat of anti-lesbian rhetoric.
He was full of mad unrealized projects, a promiscuous seeker of instant knowledge, a creator of crackbrained theories and an intellectual thief.