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Synonyms for crackerjack

having or demonstrating a high degree of knowledge or skill

a person with a high degree of knowledge or skill in a particular field

Synonyms for crackerjack

someone excellent of their kind

something excellent of its kind

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Webster's unabridged dictionary (1926) recorded the confection definition, but under crackajack; the Funk & Wagnalls New Standard Dictionary of the English Language (1913), however, defined the confection under crackerjack, and so did the OED (1933).
Line Of Fire, Swahili Eile and Crackajack hit the ground virtually together, but on the run-up Swahili Eile and Crackajack eased ahead and hit the bend together.
By the third bend he was two lengths in front of Swahili Eile, with Crackajack and Brians Legend in close attendance.
Brians Legend had now improved to challenge Crackajack for second, while Antrim Classic drew closer in fourth.
In a contest which seems to lack early speed, Crackajack looks a possible pacesetter, but Antrim Classic is anticipated to turn a close second and if doing so would have far too much ammunition for his rival from halfway.
Line Of Fire and Crackajack fought out the finish to the final heat, with the latter coming through to score.
Draw for Saturday's semi-finals:- First: 1 Farloe Fuzzy, 2 Antrim Classic, 3 Lughill Emily, 4 Parknahown Molly, 5 Brians Legend, 6 Crackajack (w).
In victory, the July 04 whelp gave indication he could yet have a big say in the outcome of the competition, turning second before outgun-ning the warm favourite Crackajack down the back-straight.
Amongst the 36-strong field are established names such as Derby runner-up Antrim Classic, Swahili Eile, Hondo Lass, Wilcos Mate, Hondo Dingle, Crackajack and Tain Lawn.
Trained by Michael Gleeson, Wincy Spider made every yard top contain Crackajack by a length and a half in 30.02sec.