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Synonyms for crack-up

a mental or physical breakdown

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As the Big East and Atlantic Coast conferences continue to play out the dramaturgy of their mid-summer crack-ups, college sport is sitting uneasily by waiting for the final act to unfold.
It's the sixteenth journey Down Under for witchetty grubs and celebrity crack-ups in I'm a Celebrity...
The book focuses on Janet but gives Hector-Jans time, too, laying bare their internal processes and slow emotional crack-ups. As Janet struggles to hold together her marriage, her sanity, and her backyard, it becomes plausible that everything will be destroyed simply because she can't survive outside of it.
That may explain how, when the crack-ups of the 1960s and adverse political currents helped usher in a new, tougher era for liberalism, Rauh found it easier than many compatriots to carry on the unfashionable work of principled progressive advocacy.
A complete nonstarter for ex-"Saturday Night Live" regular Jimmy Fallon's movie career, buddy-cop pic stuffs enough car chases and crack-ups in 90-plus minutes to draw strong crowds in opening five-day slot.