crack addict

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someone addicted to crack cocaine


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"He was an emaciated homeless crack addict. He was thinking of himself and only himself.
THE pervasive influence of drugs in our society is graphically shown in our interview with a reformed heroin and crack addict.
Not only is her husband-to-be a volatile recovering alcoholic and crack addict with a string of failed relationships behind him, but now his Auntie Glenda has told the Square that they've been having an affair.
The controversial American charity, Project Prevention, was set up by Barbara Harris, from North Carolina, who adopted four children born of a crack addict mother.
TEARFUL Peggy Mitchell walked out of Albert Square for the final time last night - after turning down the pleas of her crack addict son Phil to stay.
Yesterday though, the crack addict's victim got something closer to the justice he so richly deserved, when Lord Judge ordered that he must serve at least 25 years behind bars before he tastes freedom again.
An unemployed man has been jailed for life and another for nine years after they formed part of a "vigilante" group which carried out a deadly attack on a crack addict, who burgled a flat in a Midland tower block.
"I was doing research 18 months ago in the home of a Liverpudlian crack addict. He was smoking crack cocaine in front of his kids and I couldn't hide my disgust.
Then she put together her first comedy routine, took the stage and discovered what every crack addict knows all too well: It's that first high that hooks you.
His pressured entry into rehab, brief sobriety complicated by romance with a handsome crack addict, subsequent relapse, scary downward spiral, and moving late-stage epiphany is the stuff of which film rights bidding wars are made.
His subjects represent a diverse range of personalities and treatment issues: from Darlene, the schizophrenic speed freak, to Crystal, a fast-talking crack addict. But most compelling is Mike Pagsolingan, a charismatic plumber who was sexually abused as a child.
Turning former crack addict Jimmy Corkhill into a figure of fun is a poor attempt at rescuing the sympathy vote.
Yet in the book's title poem, as he describes a young crack addict on the subway who is itching himself convulsively, Doty seems to become suddenly disgusted with the way poetic language effaces the boy's pitiful reality: "Moth, plum--hear how the imagery aestheticizes?" In "Metro North," we find a similar resistance to the practice of reducing the real world to a set of metaphors.
Brenda is a crack addict with four children, who supports her habit by turning tricks in back alleys.
* "...the typical crack addict is a forty-year-old white male professional, married, and suburban."