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Synonyms for crabwise

(of movement) at an angle


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skies this Saturday PM like balsamic crabwise charming
Out of a sense of journalistic obligation, I launch a crabwise line of questioning about his ever-present bicycling habit.
Javert's "good" is delusional; Thenardier is one of those deformed souls that, crabwise, instinctively seek to withdraw from the light into evil.
In her words, "I hasten on, making my way crabwise across the paper.
As rehearsed, I felt my way to the pulpit, twisted sideways, wings catching momentarily on the hymn board, and, crabwise, felt my way gingerly up the pitch black stairs.
And yet, at the same time, Iris is aware that she is nearing her journey's end as her narrating nears its ending: "I hasten on, making my way crabwise (10) across the paper.
But the sergeant, moving crabwise towards his subordinate, brushed the hovering paw away reprovingly.
In Movie Wars, Rosenbaum advances his arguments by means of a crabwise motion, scuttling back and forth between general observations (which are newly composed) and case studies (many of them published before, in the Reader and elsewhere).
From here, you are drawn crabwise by a great splash of luminance to the focal space, the top-lit central atrium.
From his association with the magazine transition onwards Beckett knew of and moved crabwise towards an Orphic view--Orpheus is 'by far the most important mythical presence in his prose'--in which some final vision is granted of the 'terrestrial paradise' where the imagination will be able to engage with the world.
Smoke-screened sighs escape From the redly-lit audience when she bends Crabwise instead, unwinds a ream
So will four large urbanized counties in California and another four in Florida: Hillsborough on the Gulf and the tier of three counties on the Atlantic--Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade--whose crabwise gyrations mesmerized the country during the 2000 recount.
In the same moment, Whitey began to move, crabwise and with difficulty.