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Synonyms for crab

to express negative feelings, especially of dissatisfaction or resentment

Synonyms for crab

a quarrelsome grouch

(astrology) a person who is born while the sun is in Cancer

the fourth sign of the zodiac

a louse that infests the pubic region of the human body

a stroke of the oar that either misses the water or digs too deeply

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scurry sideways like a crab

fish for crab

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The banter among homemaker, lawyer and title agent, all-turned recreational crabber, got my attention.
Buyers and crabbers negotiate the opening price at state-sponsored talks each year, a process that most hail as a good thing, allowing for a safe and orderly start to the season.
"In October, the crabbers put their pots out," says Kowalyk.
CHARLESTON - Oregon crabbers have struck what some members of the fleet characterize as a reluctant deal with processors, according to the state Department of Agriculture, that could mean up to a two-week delay of a season that was supposed to have started Wednesday.
Mr Harvey said his lifeboat actually passed Mr Rogers's boat while trying to reach the broken-down crabber, adding: "We didn't know that he was in trouble but we passed him two miles farther south.
In North Carolina, Avissar (2006) found that crabbers relocated their crab pots shoreward into shallow-water areas and tidal marsh creeks to avoid damage to the pots from sea turtles attempting to remove the bait, and Grant (6) noted that capture rates of diamondback terrapin decreased with distance from shore.
"The crabber doesn't have to turn, but the tyres can turn 90[degrees], so that we can bring the bridges in sideways and then hydraulically jack them into place.
Randy Wayne White, whose best-selling "Doc Ford" thrillers are set on Sanibel Island, says it's one of his all-time favorites, by an author with "the truest of true Florida voices"--a "decorated veteran of WWII, a crabber, commercial fisherman, songwriter and a pot-hauling smuggler who went to federal penitentiary rather than testify against his neighbors."
The Watermen Heritage Tours program at Chesapeake Bay gives travelers a chance to experience a day in the life of a fisherman, crabber or oysterer, accompanied by a bona fide waterman.
"Bob was a commercial crabber. He was also around the logging industry.
Less well-known are cat's paw, crabber's eye, Turk's head, sheepshank, halliard hitch, carrick bend and granny knots.
Mark Duffy, 22, from Greencastle, Co Donegal, was not wearing a survival suit when he fell from the Noronya, a newly-built 18.5m crabber. Crew members threw a lifering and a smoke marker into the water near the spot where Mr Duffy went overboard.
Fishing for 35 years Former Alaskan king crabber in the Bering Sea, now fishes spot prawns and Dungeness crab in Puget Sound
Crabber second baseman Paul Richards's two-run triple highlighted the winning rally.