crab grass

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Yeah, a little debris -- thistles, ragweed, crab grass," he said.
Now the Warren Grove Test Range is a checkerboard of woods interspersed with barren stretches of sand and crab grass.
Should crab grass, the nemesis of all lawn tenders, somehow bully its way in, get to the weed before it sprouts by applying a preemergence herbicide early in the spring.
You'll also get better control of the harder-to-kill weeds like crab grass and nut sedge.
Michigan needs the next Larry Page to start another Google or to invent a new fuel from crab grass.
He noticed the crab grass was coming in pretty thick between the rows, and wondered if he would have to cultivate twice.
Other performers this year include Wide Open Spaces and Crab Grass, and country bands Gale County and Country Mile.
Home Field Advantage winners have already received a custom turf care schedule and their first installment of seed, crab grass control and/or fertilizer.