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any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms

small sour apple

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In recipes, crab apples usually require more sugar than regular apples, but their inherent tartness gives them a pleasing zing, especially in pies, cobblers, and jellies.
ONE of the most glorious trees in my garden this week and, come to that, probably for the next month, too, is a big crab apple, Malus 'Golden Hornet', that stands by the side of the track.
For us, now, it's just a question of knocking on doors.' And with that, he gets back in the car and heads off to ask the owner of the crab apple tree how they would feel about donating their apples to a good cause.
Canadian fruit breeders have used their ingenuity and the genetics of Siberian Crab Apple, Manchurian Pear, the Manchurian form of Japanese Plum and Mongolian Bush Cherry to produce quality fruit on the Prairies.
Add the 2 quarts of crab apples and heat to boiling.
"And I like this crab apple pie," said Mole as he reached for another piece.
One of the most glorious trees in my garden this week – and probably for the next month – is a big crab apple, Malus Golden Hornet, that stands by the side of the track.
'Hupehensis', the ascending branches are covered in pink-budded, white-flowered, fragrant blossom, which is then followed by a heavy crop of rosy-yellow crab apples.
There are several crab apples, forms of Malus, that would fit the bill and will never get too big.
| Our first impulse is often to smell a flower ASK CAROL QI''''VE seen some wonderful crab apples - but we don''''t have much space in our garden.
Roland Digby, 49, said a volley of crab apples was hurled at his house in Royston, Hertfordshire, three times in the same week.
I loved pickled apples, but had no access to the regular-sized crab apples, so I used the tiny ornamental crabs.
I've been concerned for the last couple of years about some ornamental crab apples 'Golden Hornet'.
It's pollution tolerant so would suit a city garden, and it's one of the more disease-resistant crab apples. It's also useful as a pollinator for apple trees.
Among the flowering crab apples, the choice is extremely broad and exciting.