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any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms

small sour apple

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Canadian fruit breeders have used their ingenuity and the genetics of Siberian Crab Apple, Manchurian Pear, the Manchurian form of Japanese Plum and Mongolian Bush Cherry to produce quality fruit on the Prairies.
Add the 2 quarts of crab apples and heat to boiling.
There are several crab apples, forms of Malus, that would fit the bill and will never get too big.
Decorate with garlands of plain popcorn, dried or fresh fruit threaded onto string or raffia; hang little crab apples or suet filled pine cones from the branch tips and add the little bird feeding suet balls and bells if the tree is sturdy enough.
Roland Digby, 49, said a volley of crab apples was hurled at his house in Royston, Hertfordshire, three times in the same week.
As far as ornamental trees are concerned, you really should consider the flowering peaches, plums, almonds and crab apples.
I loved pickled apples, but had no access to the regular-sized crab apples, so I used the tiny ornamental crabs.
I've been concerned for the last couple of years about some ornamental crab apples 'Golden Hornet'.
Among the flowering crab apples, the choice is extremely broad and exciting.
From flowering cherries and crab apples to evergreen yews and weeping willows, trees offer different leaf size, shape and colour.
its orchards Among the delights Sue has been bringing into the Food Social kitchen this year is foraged crab apples.
THESE deciduous trees are ideal as specimens for smaller gardens, bearing crab apples in autumn ranging from yellow to red, their leaves turning yellow and orange too.