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any of numerous varieties of crab apples cultivated for their small acidic (usually bright red) fruit used for preserves or as ornamentals for their blossoms

small sour apple

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Hupehensis', the ascending branches are covered in pinkbudded, white-flowered, fragrant blossom, followed by a heavy crop of rosy-yellow crab apples.
Canadian fruit breeders have used their ingenuity and the genetics of Siberian Crab Apple, Manchurian Pear, the Manchurian form of Japanese Plum and Mongolian Bush Cherry to produce quality fruit on the Prairies.
Not only are they edible when cooked – crab apple and bramble jelly is the best free preserve ever – but they also efficiently pollinate other apples flowering at the same time and provide year–round interest.
ages six and under) Crab Apple Black Cherry Red Oak Ginkgo White Oak Paper Birch Catalpa Redbud Weeping Willow Dogwood Hawthorn Sweet Gum Stag Horn Sumac Grey Birch Red Horse Chestnut Sugar Maple Green Ash (ages seven to twelve add these to the list above) Hemlock Box Elder Cottonwood Red Mulberry Chestnut Oak Serbian Spruce Purple Ash Slippery Elm Persimmon Juniper Silver Maple Japanese Maple Hickory Yellowwood Pecan Red Maple Hackberry Honeylocust
The story is found on a wall tag: I'm seeing the weeping crab apple tree where Robert Chambers murdered Jennifer Levin in Manhattan's Central Park, the spot on Foothill Boulevard where Los Angeles police beat Rodney King, the Iowa bedroom where Jessica DeBoers lived with adoptive parents for two and a half years until returned to her birth parents by court order, a billboard outside Petaluma pleading for information about the kidnaping of Polly Klaas.
Young Elder, Blackthorn, Crab Apple and Dog Rose have been positioned around the edges of the playing fields at Wolsingham School.
At one end is a mature 'Golden Hornet' crab apple tree and at other end closest to the field a 'Cox's Orange Pippin' apple tree.
A medium-sized tree, such as mountain ash or crab apple, will sit happily in a smaller area.
God gave us the crab apple and left the rest to man.
The site, which has special conservation status, is a mixed woodland featuring oak, crab apple and silver birch trees, as well as bracken, brambles, bluebells and honeysuckle - all of which provide an ideal habitat for dormice.
You can also make crab apple wine if you like to dabble in a bit of home brewing.
There's absolutely no question that of all the large ornamentals we have available to bring bold colour to our challenging Prairie landscapes, none is more breathtaking than the flowering crab apple.
The cocktail list is also an eyeopener with titles such as One For The Toffs and Pop Your Cherry competing for attention alongside something called the Crab Apple Martini.
And I like this crab apple pie," said Mole, as he reached for another piece.