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Synonyms for coziness

a state of warm snug comfort

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We launched the Jazz Garden in 2009 to add charm and coziness to the overall atmosphere of the festival so that fans will definitely enjoy the best of international jazz rhythms.
The women claimed they were protesting the Orthodox Church's coziness with the state, which did little to endear them to their fellow citizens.
In the coziness of their suites, neither the sweltering season opener nor the frigid playoffs affect these fans with their ultimate view of the field.
I had another confirmation of the coziness between Islam and communism a few years ago when I visited the High Gate Cemetery in London, whose most famous resident is none other than Karl Marx.
It fascinated and charmed me with its medieval architecture, the cleanliness of its streets and stores, the coziness of its restaurants and cafes, and the reserved but attentive service everywhere.
The walls of the store are covered with stones and the wooden shelves and decoration are adding value to the coziness of the place.
I love the coziness, the warmth, the almost negligible energy bills.
The restaurantAAEs ambience reflects elegance, uniqueness and coziness, with its walls embracing murals and paintings of famous artist Hazem Al-ZoAAEbi, exhibiting a beautiful blend of oriental and western art
A patch of Zoysia tenuifolia adds shag-rug coziness to the main seating area.
Its spring line is all about the transition from the coziness of Winter to the newness of Spring.
We can't do anything about any of that, but this is a boot-heating system with a remote control letting you set the precise level of coziness you would like on your toes.
Mitchell was one of the first to question New York Times reporter Judith Miller's coziness with the administration and its claims through her of the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Saddam Hussein's bunkers.
While the Nature Conservancy, which has been criticized for its coziness with corporations and governments, doesn't support dams or hydro-electric projects per se, it acknowledges the need for more electricity in China and believes it can help the Chinese government manage its resources better.
The flooring is easy to install and maintain, providing comfort and coziness with easy of function and movement.
About the only drawback to all this coziness is that the club hoppers aren't cognizant (or don't care) that there are bedrooms 10 feet above street level when they're stumbling home at closing time.