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to cause to accept what is false, especially by trickery or misrepresentation

to get money or something else from by deceitful trickery

Synonyms for cozen

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amazed Cozens Here's how it stacks up INFERTILITY About one in seven couples struggle to conceive, with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) one of the leading causes of infertility among women.
After seeing countless patients at her weight loss clinic battling PCOS, Cozens felt there must be a more natural way to manage the condition.
Bees didn't help their cause when they had replacement Zane Raimondi yellow carded on 48 minutes and Clifton's Gibbons grabbed his second try which Cozens converted.
However, the home side dominated the third quarter, and won a pair of penalties - awarded at the breakdown and scrum - which Cozens gratefully accepted.
Previously at Media Links Australia Cozens was responsible for remote support, customer fault investigation and resolution and remote systems access and diagnostics as well as network and logistical support.
ART OF HISTORY: Len Tabner's Number Three Furnace, above, Tom McGuinness's Early Morning Shift, top right, and Ken Cozens' Coke Ovens, below, all feature
The Crown Ambassador Reserve Lager master brewer John Cozens oversees the making of the beer, which can be cellared for a decade.
BARRY Cozens is looking for a supercar for a bit of luxury and fun.
Graham Cozens, of Chester-le-Street District Council, said: "I am at a loss for words as to what motivation people might have had in uprooting thousands of plants in the dead of night.
Vodaphone UK spokesman Julien Cozens said: "The awards are open to anyone who has been instrumental in preventing the loss of life during the past two years.
Master practitioner Cozens (with over 100 Perl modules released) has gathered the best practices from the Perl community and concentrates on problem-solving and practicality as he covers parsing, templating tools, objects, databases, applications, natural language tools, Unicode, the Perl Object Environment (POE), testing, and inline extensions.
For instance, his 1805 perspective of Pandemonium, or Part of the High Capital of Satan and His Peers with its endless Neo-Classical arcades, and domes and pyramids belching fire, and sable backdrop of arid mountains conflates the horrors of Milton's Palace of the Rebel Angels with the smoke and flames of the Industrial Revolution (Lukacher tentatively suggests Ledoux's 1804 Cannon Factory at Chaux as a possible source for some of the imagery; surely the influence of Alexander Cozens at Coalbrookdale is there too).
Rugby legend Phil Bennett was on hand with Martyn Cozens, from Coors Brewers, together with the Millennium Stadium's own Paul Thorburn - the former Welsh international and captain - to present the prize to Ceri Rushforth, from Barry, who was at the match with her Scottish partner Martin Rudkin.
He also joined Liam Tancock, Chris Cozens and Anthony Howard who claimed bronze in the 4x50m freestyle, setting a new British record of one minute 25.85 seconds.