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Synonyms for coyote

small wolf native to western North America

someone who smuggles illegal immigrants into the United States (usually across the Mexican border)

a forest fire fighter who is sent to battle remote and severe forest fires (often for days at a time)

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The coyote that was struck, however, managed to escape and ran off into the night.
For more information about the Coyote Management Plan, contact the City of St.
As coyote populations become more established across many areas, hunters now more than ever need to consider spring and summer predator control.
It can take 20 to 30 minutes for a coyote to sneak in, so be patient.
The coyote is an extremely effective predator, responsible for significant livestock losses (primarily domestic sheep and goats, though fully capable of taking calves and horse foals), and, in many areas, is a major factor in fawn mortality with deer and especially pronghorns.
I've had an all-black coyote zipping through my yard,'' she said.
Other coyotes live outside of packs as solitary transients and float between resident coyote families, biding their time until a vacant territory opens.
Urban deer problems will lead to urban coyote problems, and once a pet or child gets mauled or killed by a coyote, maybe the antis will wake up to the concept of predator control?
Lynn Dale, Manager of Property, Enforcement and Legal Services, later told the county's Corporate Development Committee that while the number of coyote sightings had increased over the last six years, the number of livestock compensation claims had remained the same.
Coyote provides ongoing analysis and optimization of end-to-end supply chain operations.
The two women mobilized local residents, engaged the National Park Service, and worked with city officials to develop an alternative coyote-management approach based on the idea of accepting coyotes as natural neighbors.
And, through habitat destruction and persecution, we have removed the one species that would naturally have kept the coyote in check, the grey wolf (Canis lupus).
Of those respondents that said they only chased-away coyotes (and did not respond with additional choices from Question 8; When you have encountered a coyote in Tucson, how have you typically reacted?
In 2007, there were thirty-three fatal pet dog attacks and no fatal coyote attacks.
The coyote is highly adaptable and readily tolerates living near humans (2).